Siangpure Pumptrack
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Siangpure Pumptrack

A unique experience in a breathtaking Khao Yai National Park, located in the 4.8-acre outdoor park for the young and the young at heart people, at the paramount safety and quality standard.

From ultimate riding experiences in the pump track, to inhale the fresh mountain air, splendid scenery and a family-friendly destination- this is a place you should not miss out!

Unique Experiences to Explore in Siangpure Pumptrack

The pump track is designed to not only use of bicycles, but also surf skate. With a 280-meter-long pump track, skate park bowl and a 320-meter-long skate track, it is suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Additionally, the track’s diversity enables a fun, yet safe spots experience.

A new space to connect and unwind for everyone!

We have a relaxing zone which become a natural gathering area for children, youth and parents. With a devine scenery and nature, an enjoyable experience can be found for everyone.

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Opening hours & Entrance fee

Opening hours & Entrance fee

Rental Fee

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Rental Fee

Helmet Rental 50 Baht/time slot
Bike Rental 200 Baht/time slot
Surf skate Rental 100 Baht/time slot

Pumptrack Route

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About the Pump Track

We welcome all riders in all skill levels to the ultimate riding experience.

Highlights include:

280-meter-long pump track (2 routes Beginner , Advance)
320-meter-long skate track
6x12x0.75-meter-size skate park bowl (Beginner)
120-square meter- long flat area (Beginner)

Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

  • Only individuals who are in possession of a valid admission ticket shall be permitted to access to Siangpure Pump Track
  • Wear Helmets and other protective gear at all time during the activity
  • Crash protection equipment can be hired at an additional cost. Please note that full face helmet and knee pads are compulsory. Bikes will not be hired out without this protection – either your own or hired.
  • Food and beverage may not be brought into the Siangpure Pump Track. All other beverages must be tightly sealed.
  • No weapons, vaping, or illicit drug use.
  • Be respectful and aware of other riders varying skill levels, relax and have fun.
  • The client will also be responsible for any losses, damages, costs or expenses arising from client’s behalf
  • Please bringing valuables with you. Siangpure Pump Track is not responsible for lost, damages, or stolen personal items.
  • Check before you set off that the track is clear
  • Look ahead and around the berms and anticipate other riders

Terms and conditions

  • For registrations or other inquiries inbox, please adding LINEID: @siangpure_exp
  • For a walk-in booking, please check and make a reservation with the staffs in front of the field.
  • The client is allowed to access and use the service at the time that the client makes the reservation
  • A late or delayed arrive, please inform the staff at least 30 minutes before reserved session.
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Line ID: @siangpure_exp
Or call us at 090-980-1368

@siangpure_exp  Tennis Club 15-เซียงเพียว  Tennis Club 16-เซียงเพียว

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