Bertram’s Vision

Bertram’s vision is to be Thailand’s number one brand on the global stage for its high quality products and services that has been founded, developed and improved from ancient Chinese wisdom that has been passed on from generation to generation. Bertram guarantees global standards of production through GMP/PICs and a team of professionals with high morale to create products that satisfy consumers’ needs and promote a higher quality of life.

The legend of a brand

Over 60 years ago, Bertram (1958) Co., Ltd. started manufacturing a herbal recipe that was derived from Mainland China and extracted into a miracle amber-oil that has become a staple medicinal oil in Thai households today. This miracle drop has helped people from all generations alleviate muscle pain, headaches, nasal congestion, and itchiness from bug bites creating trust and acceptance in Siang Pure Oil and the brand Siang Pure itself.

Manufactured by high quality machines, produced under the highest pharmaceutical standard (GMP/PICs)

Bertram (1958) Co., Ltd.’s factory is located on Lam Lukka Klong 7 stretching over 70 rai (24 acres) of land. With increase in demand from across the globe and a need for higher production capacity, more than 1 billion Thai baht was invested to build this new manufacturing facility beyond global standards and approved by internationally renowned GMP/PICs (Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme). This inspection scheme is used throughout Europe and has an even stricter quality distinction than GMP WHO for three main components. (1) GMP/PICs has 457 rules and regulations to adhere to whereas GMP WHO only has 77. (2) The water systems must be closely monitored and the pipes used must be made out of 315L stainless steel –the same stainless steel used in the human body and (3) HVAC air systems must be implemented and clean rooms like comparable to operating rooms in hospitals.

Our product is safe for the nasal cavity and can be inhaled constantly. In the Siang Pure, Peppermint Field and Black Inhaler, there is less than 5% camphor (U.S. FDA regulation does not allow more than 11% camphor in inhalers) making it safe and not damaging to your nasal cavity.

In 2016, our total production capacity will be over 80 million pieces, whereas our factory can support up to 200 million pieces at full production capacity.

Operating businesses from the heart to create a better community for all

We believe that we are a part of a larger society and everyone is born to do good. Thus, we choose to only create high quality products and be a truthful and honest partner for our customers all the while continuously giving back to our community. We believe that ‘what is good for us is good for you too.’

Through all of the company’s efforts, Bertram (1958) Co., Ltd. is committed to “Building a Stronger Community for All”

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